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Asgard Ransomware Data Protector

Disrupt a Cyber Attack Before It Disrupts Your Business

Here’s a fact: cyber criminals are more active than ever, and they never stop improving their tactics. In 2023 alone, we’ve seen major brands such as Colonial Pipeline, Target, T-Mobile, and even Norton Life Lock experience major security breaches. And who can forget the major attack on Colonial Pipeline in 2021. These events all happened despite significant investments in cyber security.

The holy grail for cyber criminals is your file server, where all your most valuable corporate and customer data is stored. Their gateway is any workstation in the organization. They entice a user to click on a link and instantly, seize the machine, where its malware begins tracing its way to your data cache. There, it encrypts everything you have, before serving notice that “you’ve been hacked” and all may be restored in exchange for a handsome ransom.

Many antivirus programs can detect ransomware but are powerless to stop it. Even using the latest versions, they still stop short. (Remember: criminals are always evolving.) And yes, you can back up your data warehouse regularly, but backups take time and resources and are never 100% complete.

Are You Prepared for a Cyber Attack?

According to a recent survey of 600 board-level executives by Harvard Business Review, “Despite investments of time and money, most directors (65%) still believe their organizations are at risk of a material cyberattack within the next 12 months, and almost half believe they are unprepared to cope with a targeted attack.”

A protective layer around your valuable data.

What you really need is Asgard Ransomware Data Protector, a lightweight Windows service installed on your file server that monitors directories and shuts down ransomware activity wherever it is found.

A secure moat around your most valuable information.

Asgard Ransomware Data Protector acts as a 24/7 automated security guard, policing the perimeter of your valuable file servers. If the program detects ransomware activity at any workstation, it instantly disables the user account in the active directory, alerts you to the situation, and turns off the network card—before the offending malware gets beyond the workstation. Other users are still able to operate normally. But the incident is limited. And every event associated with the breach is logged for examination and prompt remediation.

A lightweight solution to a heavyweight concern.

Unlike conventional, endpoint antivirus software, Asgard Ransomware Data Protector is designed specifically to protect your valuable file servers from remote malware attacks. The solution service installs at start-up and runs silently in the background, protecting your information at the share level, while also logging every event, view, stop, start, and system change according to security information and event management (SIEM) best practices. If a user opens a malicious link, the Protector immediately seizes the user’s IP address, isolating and disabling the network interface before the offending program has time to encrypt your valuable information. The program then stops sharing files, making them unavailable and unharmed, until a qualified administrator issues “all clear” and manually restores the connection.

Your particular installation can be customized to match your network setup. Its thin profile does not consume extensive CPU capacity, allowing you to run efficiently at full speed. And because it is managed by Asgard via subscription, no additional hardware, software, or maintenance is required.

Let Asgard protect your server files, while you take the credit.

Asgard Ransomware Data Protector was developed by Certified Ethical Hackers to prevent system disruptions, protect reputations, and reduce risk. Avoid having to pay a ransom—and dramatically curb your legal liability concerning sensitive personal information—by simply installing Asgard’s affordable, easy-to-maintain Ransomware Data Protector.

The world of cyber-crime isn’t going away. Put a wall between your information and the bad guys. Contact Asgard Cyber Security to request a product demonstration today.

Ask Yourself These Questions:

Have you considered the consequences of a potential cyber-crime at your place of business?

Are you technically prepared for a potential malicious breach?

Are you being proactive in your efforts to protect your valuable information?

How long would it take you to recover from a potential malware attack?

Is your corporate and customer information worth an added layer of affordable protection? Is your reputation?


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