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Comprehensive Data Protection Solutions

Data Security: Our mission is to empower financial institutions with robust data security solutions that mitigate risks and protect against cyber threats. Whether it's implementing advanced encryption protocols, enhancing network security measures, or conducting thorough risk assessments, Asgard Cyber Security is committed to fortifying your digital defenses.

Incident Response: In the event of a cyber attack or data breach, swift and effective incident response is essential to minimizing financial losses and reputational damage. Asgard Cyber Security provides rapid incident response services, including threat containment, forensic analysis, and post-incident remediation, to help financial institutions mitigate the impact of security incidents and maintain operational resilience.

Regulatory Compliance: The finance industry is subject to a complex web of regulatory requirements, including GDPR, PCI-DSS, and SEC regulations. Asgard Cyber Security offers expert guidance and support to help financial institutions navigate regulatory compliance challenges, mitigate compliance risks, and ensure adherence to applicable laws and regulations.

Elevate Data Security in the Finance Industry

In the fast-paced world of finance, protecting sensitive financial data and ensuring regulatory compliance are paramount to maintaining trust and integrity in the industry. Asgard Cyber Security, a trusted provider of cybersecurity solutions for financial institutions, stands ready to assist banks, investment firms, and other financial entities in safeguarding their digital assets.

Why Choose Asgard Cyber Security for Finance?

Financial institutions handle vast amounts of sensitive data, including customer financial information, transaction records, and proprietary trading algorithms. Protecting this data from cyber threats and ensuring compliance with stringent regulatory requirements is a top priority. Asgard Cyber Security offers tailored solutions designed to meet the unique security needs and regulatory challenges faced by the finance industry.

Transforming Financial Cybersecurity

Cyber threats targeting the finance industry continue to evolve in sophistication and severity. However, with Asgard Cyber Security as your trusted partner, you can proactively address these challenges and protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of financial data and systems.

Secure Your Financial Institution with Asgard Cyber Security Today

Don't leave your financial institution vulnerable to cyber threats and regulatory scrutiny. Partner with Asgard Cyber Security and take proactive steps to enhance data security, ensure regulatory compliance, and safeguard the trust and confidence of your clients and stakeholders. Contact us today to learn more about our tailored cybersecurity solutions for the finance industry.


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penetration testing
1. Pre-test interview with stakeholders

Before we begin our tests, we work with your organization to determine the Rules of Engagement, Scoping (which hosts to target or exclude), points of contact, timelines, milestones, and discuss any network or infrastructure details. This interview is usually limited to the IT department head and/or executives, as a large part of the test results depend on your team's response to our simulated attacks. During this meeting, we will discuss any NDA's or Waivers that may need to be signed.

2. Penetration Test
  • Information Gathering
    Our penetration testers will use various methods to gain information about your network, hardware, company, applications, and users. This information will be documented and potentially used during other phases of the test.
  • Enumeration
    At this point in the test, Asgard penetration testers will scan your network and determine targets and vulnerabilities.
  • Penetration
    This phase is where Asgard penetration testers will attempt to exploit vulnerabilities found and gain control of your company's resources. This can include exploiting unpatched vulnerabilities in software, cracking passwords, and pivoting from low value targets to high value targets. During these tests, we are careful to ensure business operations are not impacted.
  • Reporting
    After our tests, we will compile an exhaustive report of our findings, along with recommendations to make your environment more secure. At this time, the Asgard penetration tester is made available to your IT team to go over specific details of the report to make certain your team understands the issues, and more importantly, how to resolve them.

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