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Get Multi-Level Protection with Asgard Ransomware Data Protector

Asgard Ransomware Data Protector is designed specifically to protect your valuable file servers from remote cyber-attacks. It’s the added layer of protection you need to prevent cyber-crime from disrupting your business.

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Asgard Ransomware Data Protector Demonstration by Michael Hotchkiss, CTO

Shut Down Ransomware Before It Shuts You Down with Asgard Ransomware Data Protector

Asgard Ransomware Data Protector is a lightweight Windows service installed on your file server that monitors directories and defeats remote ransomware activity wherever it is found. If a user opens a malicious link, the Protector immediately seizes the user’s IP address, isolating and disabling the network interface before the offending program has time to encrypt your valuable information. The program stops sharing files, alerts the administrator, and captures every event associated with the breach for examination and prompt remediation.

Why Asgard Ransomware Data Protector?

Asgard Ransomware Data Protector was developed by Certified Ethical Hackers to prevent system disruptions, protect reputations, and reduce risk.

The holy grail for cyber criminals is your file server, where all your most valuable corporate and customer data resides. Their gateway is any workstation in the organization. And, while many antivirus programs (if kept up-to-date) may be able to detect ransomware at your network endpoints, no antivirus software can prevent ransomware from breaching your network, attacking your file server, and encrypting everything you own before demanding a ransom to restore your precious files.

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Put a Wall Between Your File Servers and Cyber-Criminals

· Avoid having to pay a ransom.

· Avoid time-consuming, incomplete back up restorations.

· Dramatically curb your legal liability concerning sensitive personal data.

· Install a low-profile solution that won’t slow down other applications.

· Rely on security information and event management (SIEM) best practices.

· Leave the maintenance to the cyber security experts at Asgard.

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